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 Classes meet once weekly (in the evenings)

Level 1-Daffodil

Tots: A 30 minute class for 2 1/2 -3 1/2 yr olds emphasizing dance and tumbling awareness. Skills introduced include rhythm and movement, creativity and singing, group/social interaction, spatial and body awareness, tumbling, poise, and self confidence.

Pink leather ballet slippers, leotard and tights required; dance skirt optional.

Boys: Plain colored T-shirt, shorts, and black ballet.

Level 2- Sunflower

PreK: A 45 minute class for 4 and 5 years olds. Skills described above are reinforced along with the beginning elements of tap, ballet, and tumbling. Dance routines are introduced as part of the process for creating, learning, and remembering.

Girls Required: Shoes: Pink leather ballet shoes and tan buckle tap shoes. Attire:leotard and tights required, skirt optional. No jazz pants except for boys.

Boys Required: Shoes: Black ballet shoes and black tap shoes.

Attire: Plain colored t-shirt and dance shorts or pants.


Levels: Level 3-Tulip, Level 4- Petunia, Level 5 - Iris, Level 6 - Poppy, Level 7- Carnation, Level 8-Orchid, Level 9- Violet, Level 10 - Lily, Level 11 - Rose, Level 12 - Jasmine, Level 13 - Ivy, Level 14 - Lilac, Level 15 - Bittersweet.

A 45-75 minute class (depending on the level) combining the elements of ballet technique with tap and jazz/hip hop dance. Beginning students review basics and learn to coordinate steps to music. Intermediate and advanced classes place continued emphasis on correctness of technique.

We expect that all of our dancers will improve their coordination, confidence, endurance, self-discipline, and presence as a stage performer as a result of dance lessons. The emphasis at all levels is to appreciate and enjoy dance as a life skill.

Boys/Girls Shoes Required: tan tap shoes (style varies according to class), tan leather jazz shoes, or pink leather ballet slipper (depending on class).

Girls: leotard and tights required. Skirt optional.

Boys: Plain t-shirt and dance shorts or pants.


30-75 minute class depending on the level for students in 2nd grade or higher. This class should be taken in addition to a combination class. We offer this class to the more serious, disciplined dancer who would like to improve both skill and technique, learning the foundation upon which every style of dance is derived. For those students 12 years and older who have had at least 3 years of ballet and pass a required skills test, we also offer POINTE BALLET.

Required: pink leather ballet slipper or toe shoe, depending on the class.

Attire: leotard and tights required.


A 45 or 60 minute class depending on the level, combining the elements of stretching and strengthening with the elements of tumbling. Students progress according to their unique strength, flexibility, and body. We expect that all of our tumblers will become more flexible and stronger as the year progresses. We also introduce group work (as a choreographed routine) and performance skills for our recital.

Girls Required: Leotard and Footless Tights. PLEASE pull longer hair into ponytail.

Boys: plain colored t-shirt, dance shorts ,or pants.


Hip Hop I (Grades K, 1, 2), Hip Hop II (Grades 3, 4, 5), & Hip Hop III (Grades 6+).

Learn the latest hip-hop moves in this fun and energetic class.

Required: leotard with leggings that cover the knees and black sneakers


A great class for the dedicated dancer that wants to compete and perform even more!

We offer two levels of competition. Both levels are required to take our August Bootcamp

Star Level- Intro level that competes at 2 Competitions in Jazz and Tap, with an option of Lyrical as well. No audition required!

Elite Level- More intensive level that competes at 4 Competitions + Nationals in Jazz, Tap, and Lyrical with an option of Contemporary as well. This Level also includes the opportunity to be chosen for a solo, duet, or trio. Dancers must audition for placement. We will hold auditions for the competition teams at the end of their required Tech Camp in August. This will allow dancers to participate with dancers of similar skill. This also enables us to focus and teach to each levels skill level offering the best dance competition experience.

A Competition Team Parent & Dancer meeting will be held at the beginning of each season. Please note: additional fees apply to participants on a Competition Team.


This opportunity has become a tradition for our studio. Every year in the few months leading up to the recital we offer the opportunity for Dads (uncles or any male role models) and their Daughters to learn a routine and perform at the recital. Almost as addictive as caffeine, it's rare we have a Dad who doesn't want to return after his first time on the stage.


We can't let Dads have all the fun. This growing popular dance time for mother and daughters to bond is offered a couple months leading up to our recital. Each year the dance style varies but usually includes jazz and clogging. Sign-up for which style you and your daughter prefer!


This class is full of fun and laughs geared towards learning a partner dance. Each year the dance style varies, but has included the Dirty Dancing dance as well as the Bootscoot Boogie!


Designed for the boy who wants to participate in the recital but not necessarily take dance class all year. This high energy hip hop style class is always a favorite both onstage and off year after year.

Requirements: Must be at least 5 yrs old to participate. Black Jazz shoes.